2e REI: El Moungar 2015

On September 02, the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (2e REI) commemorated the 112th anniversary of the Battle of El Moungar in its garrison of Nimes. The battle is considered as the regiment’s Camerone, in which a few legionnaires were attacked by enemy with numerical superiority.

The Battle of El Moungar took place in the South Oran region of Algeria, in 1903. During the battle, 113 legionnaires of the 22nd Mounted Company (22e Compagnie Montée) of the then 2e RE, equipped with mules and commanded by Captain Vauchez, accompanied by 20 Spahis (indigenous light cavalry of the French Army of Africa), were attacked by a large number of Berbers. As the result of the battle, 34 legionnaires were killed, 47 legionnaires were seriously wounded.

The anniversary of the Battle of El Moungar became the regimental holiday for the 2e REI.

2e REI: El Moungar 2015
El Moungar 2015 celebrated in the 2e REI; © Image credit: SIG/DILA République Française

See more photos of the El Moungar 2015: El Mongar du 2 Septembre 2015 à Nîmes

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