French Foreign Legion: Where to enlist?

Where can you be enlisted in the French Foreign Legion? Get to know the addresses, contacts and Google map locations of the Foreign Legion’s recruiting centers. Note that these centers are located in mainland France only and that they are the only places, where you can be officially enlisted in the Foreign Legion.

You can be enlisted in the Legion in its preselection centers (Paris, Aubagne) or in its information & recruiting offices (smaller recruiting centers called PILE). Once you are allowed to be enlisted (once your passport/ID cart and your clothes are taken away), free accommodation, free food and free clothing are immediately provided to you by the Legion.

The preselection centres are placed in Paris and Aubagne. Three information offices belong to Paris: Lille, Nantes and Strasbourg. Five information offices belong to Aubagne: Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, Perpignan and Toulouse (UPDATE 2016: Marseille’s office was closed).

Enlisting in the Legion during Monday to Friday between 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM (08.00 – 17.00 h) will be a good option for you. Note that the smaller recruiting centers might be closed during nights or holidays.

Get the addresses, contacts and Google map locations of these Foreign Legion’s recruiting centers:

Addresses, contacts and Google Maps positions of the Foreign Legion’s recruiting centers

Good luck.