2023 Legion Christmas nativity scenes

For the French Foreign Legion, seen as a traditional pro-Catholic institution in France (unlike the rest of the French Army), Christmas Eve marks the second most important holiday. To celebrate it, legionnaires in all units of the Foreign Legion – regardless of their origin and religious – create nativity scenes (crèches) every year and compete to see which one is the nicest and most original. The scenes can be small, static ones, or performed live with hand-made scenery. This long-standing Legion tradition is unique within the French Army. If you are interested, see some of the nativity scenes created by legionnaires in December 2023.

PHOTOS: 3e REI: 2023 Christmas nativity scenes
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PHOTOS: GRLE: 2023 Christmas nativity scenes

2e REI - Foreign Legion - Nativity Scenes - 2023
Static nativity scene examples (crèches) created in the 2e REI, December 2023.
2e REI - Foreign Legion - Nativity Scenes - 2023
A living nativity scene performed by 2e REI legionnaires, December 2023.
2e REG - Foreign Legion - Nativity Scene - 2023
A nativity scene created in the 2e REG, December 2023.
2e REP - Foreign Legion - Nativity Scenes - 2023
Part of a nativity scene created in the 2e REP, December 2023. Unfortunately, the clip can’t be shared outside FB, but you may watch it here.

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