4e RE: Remise de Képis blancs at Auriol

On December 13, 2016, French Foreign Legion volunteers from the 2nd Enlisted Volunteers Company (2CEV), 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE) obtained their Képi blanc (White kepi) and became legionnaires in the Legionnaire’s Home of Auriol, southern France. See some nice images from the ceremony.

The volunteers finished their first four weeks of the 4-month-long basic training and the 55-km march to get the right to obtain the White kepi in the ceremony.

The ceremony, called Remise de Képi blanc (Obtaining the White kepi) was presided over by Colonel O’Mahoni from the COMLE. Mrs Garcia, the mayor of Auriol and Lieutenant Colonel Sabljic (retired), the current director of the Legionnaire’s Home, were also present.

Lt Col Zlatko Sabljic served with the Legion 38 years, 1974-2012. He spent most of his career in the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2e REP), from the rank of legionnaire to Major (Regimental Sergeant Major). In 1978, he participated in the Battle of Kolwezi.

The Legionnaire’s Home is a home for around 70 unmarried former legionnaires, who are physically fit and able to pay the accommodation. The original Maison du légionnaire of Auriol was established by the Legion’s famous officer and its first commander, General Rollet (called “Father of the Legion”), in 1934. Auriol is located about 10 km (6-7 miles) north-east of Aubagne, the garrison to the 1er RE and the HQ of the Legion.

4e RE: Remise de Képis blancs at Auriol 2016
Lt Colonel Sabljic (left), Colonel O’Mahoni (center), deputy to the Chief of the Legion and Mrs Garcia at Auriol (December 13, 2016)

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