From CRTRLE and 6e REG to 1er REG: History of the Legion’s first engineer regiment

See the history and images of the French Foreign Legion’s first engineering regiment, 1er REG. Being established in 1984, the regiment has continued in the Legion’s long history of military engineering.

Participating in Operation Epervier, Gulf War, Operation Oryx, ex-Yugoslavia, War in Afghanistan, Operation Serval or Operation Sangaris, 1er REG provides engineering support for the Legion or French Army regular units. The regiment, as the first unit of the Legion, joined War in Afghanistan in December 2001. 1er REG has also been known for its amphibious commando group – DINOPS (PCG now) – consisting of parachute trained combat divers, being specialized in amphibious raids and tactics.

See the History & images of 1er REG.

1er Régiment Étranger de Génie - 1er REG - 1 REG - 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment - History