1er REC: History of the Legion’s first cavalry regiment

See the history and pictures of the current French Foreign Legion’s only cavalry unit, 1er REC. Established officially in Tunisia in 1922, it remains the only active cavalry unit within the Legion and also its only unit (constituted before 1999) that has never changed its title.

Participating in the Rif War, Great Syrian Revolt, World War II, First Indochina War, Algerian War, Gulf War and other military operations, the 1er REC still continues in its active military duty. The regiment, as the first unit of the Legion, joined Operation Serval in Mali in January 2013 and Operation Sangaris in Central African Republic in December 2013.

See the History & images of 1er REC.

1er Régiment Étranger de Cavalerie - 1 REC - 1er REC - 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment - History