2e REP: 2nd member of GCP killed in Mali

On May 8, 2014, the Slovak legionnaire Marcel Kalafut became the second member of the 2e REP‘s Parachute Commando Group (Groupement des Commandos Parachutistes, GCP) to be killed in Mali, after SCH Harold Vormezeele was killed in Mali in 2013.

Sergent Marcel Kalafut was killed by an “Improvised explosive device” (IED) while driving his car in the Tigharghar mountains of northeastern Mali, during an infiltration mission. Two other legionnaires were injured.

Sgt Marcel Kalafut joined the Foreign Legion seven years ago, in May of 2007, as a 20 years old volunteer. After basic training, he went to the 2e REP, where he spent all his military career, became a radio operator and joined the GCP. He became a NCO (non-commissioned officer) in September of 2011. He participated in operations in Gabon (2008), Afghanistan (2010), Central African Republic (2013) and Mali (2013 and 2014), being honoured three times. R.I.P.

Slovak legionnaire Marcel Kalafut killed in Mali 2014
Slovak legionnaire Marcel Kalafut

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