1er REC will change its headquarters in 2014

The 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment (1er REC) of Foreign Legion will change its headquarters located in Orange, Vaucluse county, France. This information was confirmed by Yannick Blanc, Vaucluse county representative, on October 01.

In 2014, 1er REC will be replaced to Marseille, in the Carpiagne military camp, instead of the 4th Dragons regiment, a cavalry unit of the French regular army which will be disbanded in the same year. The Carpiagne military camp is located 3 km/2 miles south of Aubagne, the home of the Foreign Legion.

1er REC is the only cavalry regiment within the French Foreign Legion. It has been stationed at Quartier Labouche in Orange since it moved from Mers-el-Kébir, Algeria, between 18th and 21st October of 1967.

1er REC leaving Algeria
1er REC leaving Algeria in 1967
1er REC entering Orange
The first parade of 1er REC in Orange (October 22, 1967)
1er REC Quartier Labouche Orange
Quartier Labouche of 1er REC in Orange
Carpiagne military camp near Marseille
Carpiagne military camp near Marseille

1er REC leaving Orange