2021 Bastille Day Military Parade

This Wednesday marked Bastille Day, the French National Day of the 14th July. As usually, a military parade occurred in Paris that day. While the previous year was the parade significantly reduced, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the popular event was back to normal this year. As always, the French Foreign Legion was represented.

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100 years ago: A sad campaign in France ended for the Foreign Legion

100 years ago, in late June 1871, three battalions of the Foreign Legion landed in Algeria, having returned from the very first deployment of the Legion in metropolitan France. The men spent eight months there and took part in a wretched campaign. However, these weren’t the only foreigners to participate in the then fighting on the French side. Also, the three battalions didn’t represent all units of the Legion that were to partake in the conflict.

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75 years ago: A disciplinary unit was born

75 years ago, on 1 June 1946, a new Foreign Legion disciplinary unit was born in French Indochina. Stationed on an island at Cam Ranh Bay in what is now called Vietnam, the unit’s mission was to reform badly​ behaving legionnaires who were being deployed to the Far East to participate in the First Indochina War (1946-1954), and who couldn’t undergo the usual punishment within their mother units. Although there is only little information, the new article dedicated to this disciplinary unit provides all currently available info, as well as very rare images that were never published before.

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