Foreign Legion: 2022 Camerone Day

On April 30, 2022, the French Foreign Legion commemorated the 159th anniversary of the Battle of Camerone, a crucial moment in their history. The battle is portrayed as a pure example of bravery and the determination to fight to the finish. Camerone Day is therefore the most important day of the year for all current or former legionnaires. After two years of involuntary banning, the French Foreign Legion was once again allowed to commemorate the event publicly. See 2022 Camerone Day images from several Legion regiments.


Camerone 2022: Aubagne – 1er RE

Thousands of spectators were watching the annual commemoration of the Battle of Camerone at Quartier Vienot, the home of the 1er RE and COMLE. The barracks is situated in Aubagne, close to Marseille, southern France.


Camerone 2022: Laudun – 1er REG

2022 Camerone Day at Quartier General Rollet in Laudun, the garrison town for combat engineers from 1er REG.


Camerone 2022: Nimes – 2e REI

2022 Camerone Day at Quartier Colonel de Chabrières in Nimes, home to the legionnares from 2e REI.


Camerone 2022: Saint Christol – 2e REG

2022 Camerone Day at Quartier Maréchal Koenig near Saint Christol, the camp of the 2e REG, the “Mountain Regiment”.


Camerone 2022: Calvi – 2e REP

2022 Camerone Day at Camp Raffalli near Calvi, where is placed the only airborne unit of the Foreign Legion, the famous 2e REP.

Camerone 2022: Calvi - 2e REP

Camerone 2022: Calvi - 2e REP


Camerone 2022: La Cavalerie – 13e DBLE

2022 Camerone Day close to La Cavalerie, at the freshly modernized Camp Larzac, home to the 13e DBLE.

Camerone 2022: La Cavalerie - 13e DBLE

Camerone 2022: La Cavalerie - 13e DBLE


Camerone 2022: Mayotte – DLEM

2022 Camerone Day in Dzaoudzi, on the island of Mayotte, where is stationed the DLEM.


Camerone 2022: Paris – GRLE

2022 Camerone Day at Fort de Nogent in Paris, the well-known recruiting point for many candidates. The fortress is occupied by the GRLE.


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