Happy New Year 2022

Another year is gone, and a new year is upon us. In fact, the upcoming year marks the already tenth season of Foreign Legion Info, a personal online project promoting the famous French Foreign Legion in the English-speaking world. This project started in late 2012 and I am glad to see that you, the readers, are still enjoying it. Thank you.

As every late December, now it’s the right time for another annual recapitulation.


What has been done in 2021?

In December 2020, I posted my planned important tasks for 2021. The list wasn’t too long that year: it included only the intention to write articles about the 1870 Franco-Prussian War and the History of the 1st Foreign Regiment. Done.

Nevertheless, other new articles were published as well: General Paul-Frédéric Rollet, in commemoration of the Father of the Legion who passed away 80 years ago; 1911 Battle of Alouana, about a battle that took place 110 years ago in Morocco; Far East Disciplinary Company to learn about a little-known, feared unit of the Legion in Indochina; Legionnaires paratroopers in WWII, discovering an unknown story of the very first legionnaires paratroopers.

Lastly, six articles (two completely rewritten and four new ones) were published in early December to commemorate little-known motorized units of the Foreign Legion operating in North Africa:

Foreign Legion Moroccan Motorized Group
Foreign Legion Moroccan Motorized Company Group
Foreign Legion Algerian Motorized Group
21st Foreign Legion Motorized Company
22nd Foreign Legion Motorized Company
23rd Foreign Legion Motorized Company

So, it’s twelve articles for twelve months. That’s a much better result than I had originally expected because of my limited free time and work obligations.


The tasks for 2022

What about my plans for the upcoming year?

First of all, I would like to completely rewrite two already outdated articles mapping the history of the 1er REC and the 13e DBLE. The latter is really an obsolete one.

Besides, I would like to use the knowledge that I have gained, as well as my information sources, to increase the content of this website and its quality. I am still thinking about how to get the best efficiency and results. Nevertheless, my dreamed goal remains the same: to create the largest information database dedicated to the French Foreign Legion.


Support – Thanks

I have to warmly thank all of you who support this website through the Foreign Legion Info’s U.S. based Store or the EU-based Shop. I really appreciate your interest and your support. It helps me to cover partially the costs and the work that this website requires. I tried to refresh a little the designs and to add something new, as every year.

I also have to thank my friends Joe (Voltigeur), Krzysztof, Andi, Jack from Mon Legionnaire, and Frans (NLLegioen), as well as others, for helping me with my effort. Many thanks!

That’s all. I hope you will continue in visiting of this website and that you will find information in the articles always useful and interesting. I am glad you are enjoying it and I will try to bring you more interesting news and information.

Wish you courage, hope and faith to overcome all of the hurdles you may face in the upcoming year.

Happy New Year 2022.

Bonne Année 2022.



Happy New Year 2022