Foreign Legion: Old documentaries – 1er RE, 13e DBLE, 1er REC, 2e REI

If you are interested in the French Foreign Legion, you can watch some rare and interesting French documentaries from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, recently posted on YT, showing the then Legion and legionnaires.

I have chosen that ones dedicated to the 1er RE and the installation at Aubagne in 1963-64, the 13e DBLE in Djibouti, the 1er REC during a maneuver in 1980 and the 2e REI that was moving from Corsica to Nimes in France. However, there are more documentaries on the new YT channel.

1st Foreign Regiment in Aubagne, 1963 and 1964:


1er RE in Aubagne + 13th Foreign Legion Half-Brigade in Djibouti, 1973:


1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment in the Ardèche department, 1980:


2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment leaving Corsica for France, 1983:


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