Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020

The year 2019 is behind us, Christmas are coming. In September, the Foreign Legion Info project started the eighth year of its existence. For me, as a person being fully responsible for this website and its content, it’s time to review annual goals and look ahead to what the year 2020 could bring.

What has been done in 2019?

In December 2018, I summarized results for that year and posted another list of my planned important tasks for 2019. The list included the intention to fully rework the article about the famous 1863 Battle of Camerone. Finally done. Nevertheless, it has been one of my most demanding and exciting historical work ever written. First, because it is the top important topic for the Legion; second, because of having to get through many different sources with (sometimes) different places/names/dates regarding the same event.

Another planned task for 2019 was to update the article about the 1982 Mont Garbi Accident. Done, fully reworked eventually. Now, it’s a precise source of information.

The third and last task was to fully rework the article about the unjustly ignored, underestimated but famous 6th Foreign Infantry Regiment, which suffers the consequences of the politics, not of lacking courage or bravery. Currently, this article is the most detailed and complete online work (both in English and in French) dedicated to this regiment having served “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

My desire to launch a separate website in French for French readers turned out to be unrealistic for now. I am not a millionaire or an artful influencer attracting rich investors to launch a new site with the sufficient content. So, French readers can read first separate French articles instead.

On the other hand, a desire to create a separate page mapping the history of the youngest Foreign Legion regiment came true: 2e REG was born

That’s all for my officially planned tasks and desires from December 2018. However, it wasn’t over for 2019. Besides, other articles were published or completely reworked in 2019 to improve the website and provide to all of you as accurate and useful information as possible about the French Foreign Legion and its history.

In January, a fully reworked article dedicated to uniforms:
French Foreign Legion Uniforms

In February, a fully reworked article dedicated to the 1976 mission in Loyada:
1976 Loyada Hostage Rescue Mission

Also in February, an almost complete list of Foreign Legion units existing in 1831-2000:
Former units of the French Foreign Legion: 1831-1920
Former units of the French Foreign Legion: 1920-1945
Former units of the French Foreign Legion: 1945-2000

In March, an article dedicated to a forgotten tragedy in Djibouti:
1987 Attack on L’Historil in Djibouti

In April, fully reworked articles dedicated to Saharan Motorized Companies:
1st Legion Saharan Motorized Company
2nd Legion Saharan Motorized Company
3rd Legion Saharan Motorized Company
4th Legion Saharan Motorized Company

In May, a fully reworked article dedicated to the Madagascar Battalion:
BLEM: Foreign Legion Madagascar Battalion

Also in May, a fully reworked article dedicated to the very first airborne unit of the Foreign Legion. Having understood it as showing respect to these pioneers of Foreign Legion paratroopers, it is the most comprehensive work you can currently find in English or French in both online or paper versions:
Parachute Company of 3e REI

In July, a fully reworked article dedicated to the 2e REC:
2nd Foreign Cavalry Regiment

In November, a new article dedicated to the 11e REI:
11th Foreign Infantry Regiment

Also in November, a fully reworked article dedicated to the (still little-known) 3e REP:
3rd Foreign Parachute Regiment

And once again in November, a fully reworked article dedicated to the forgotten 3e BMLE:
3rd Foreign Legion Task Force

I really like the Foreign Legion, its uniqueness, its esprit de corps and its famous history. Nevertheless, if you have a personal life and your own work, releasing of more articles would be a job only for some retired, excelent professional writer or Superman. And I am neither a retired professional writer nor Superman. That’s why this amount of annual work is my best.


The tasks for 2020

What are my plans for the coming new year? What should be done?

In 2020, I would like to continue in updating (or reworking) the older, outdated historical articles mapping the history of current units or the already dissolved units of the Foreign Legion. They were published years ago. However, due to my limited amount of time, I would like to update/rework only the important ones and moreover, only those with the year of creation/dissolution divisible by five. So, the 13e DBLE, 3e REI and 4e REI are most prospective aspirants to be reworked in 2020.

Besides, some new historical articles dealing with little-known or totally forgotten units of the Legion should be added. My final goal is to make a separate page for every unit being mentioned in the three lists (1831-2000). Even if it takes only a few words or phrases (no university essay). In early 2020, there should be published the 2nd Foreign Legion (Swiss Legion, 1855-56) and the 12e REI. A smaller article about the already forgotten PRLE repair platoons serving in Africa has been finished. Will publish it around December 31.

There has been a skeleton in the closet for me since 2016, the Indochina units. In 2017-18, eighteen (18) of them have already been published. However, eight battalions are still waiting to be finally released. When? No idea right now.

Also in 2020, I would like to publish fresh articles about the operations/battles the legionnaires were involved in. It is my belief that the theme is interesting for many readers.


Store – Shop – Support – Thanks

I see there are still some “copycats” stealing my designs and selling them on t-shirts, hoodies etc. on eBay and other marketplaces. Not only from Asia, but even large firms from countries like Germany. Please, don’t support them in those activities. If you would like to support this website, buy products within the Foreign Legion Info’s Store (for non-European readers) or the EU-based Shop only. The store/shop were not set up for becoming rich and buying a villa in Tahiti. They were launched for supporting this website and the work it requires, as well as for promoting the Legion a little bit.

In 2019, I spent over 2,000 EUR for old Foreign Legion magazines, books and documents to transform them into future articles. However, your participation in this project and its support from you through the store/shop help me to cover partially the costs. So, a big thank you for that help, I appreciate it very much!

I also has to thank my friends Joe (Voltigeur), Andi (Tigers of Tonkin), Frans (NLLegioen) and others for helping me and providing me with rare informations, rare images or both. Many thanks!

That’s all. Hope you will find this website and its information always useful, helpful and interesting. Nice to see you are still enjoying it.

As every late December, I wish you courage, hope and faith to overcome all of the hurdles you may face in the coming year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020.

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année 2020.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019


The popular Christmas carol Silent Night sung in eight languages by Foreign legionnaires. It should be noted that the Foreign Legion is viewed as a strongly pro-Catholic force within the French Army.