VIDEO: 2019 Camerone Day in Aubagne + Fourragère for 1st Foreign Regiment

See a very nice video created and published by the 1er RE to return to the most important annual event of the French Foreign Legion, Camerone Day (April 30), marking the anniversary of the famous Battle of Camerone.

The video shows the ceremony at the Quartier Vienot of Aubagne, home to the regiment in southern France. Every year, the event open to the public is visited by thousands of civilians. Many veterans, military personnel and government officials are also present.

This year, detachments of the 2e REG and a military academy from Czech Republic, both with their color guards, participated in the ceremony.

This year was also exceptional because of the very first fourragère the 1er RE has gained since 1916, when this military award was established. The regiment was awarded with the blue-red Fourragère of the War Cross of the Foreign Theater of Operations (Croix de guerre des TOE), the same as the one of 2e REI.

Therefore, since 30 April 2019, the 1er RE legionnaires have been allowed to bear this fourragère on their uniform.


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