Foreign Legion Saharan Motorized Companies in North Africa: History & Images

On the 31st March of 1963, the famous, legendary and little-known four Foreign Legion Saharan motorized units were disbanded and their men, vehicles, traditional uniforms and fanions merged with two infantry regiments. The dream of many generations of young men, the legionnaire of the Sahara with his white kepi, V-shaped bandoliers, baggy seroual trousers, a burnous cloak and sandals, officially disappeared.

2e CSPL - 2 CSPL - Fanion Guard - Captain Le Berre - Camerone - Laghouat - Algeria - Foreign Legion Etrangere - 1959

Learn about the four Saharan motorized companies of the French Foreign Legion serving and operating across North Africa, from Morocco to Tunisia, from Libya to Chad, during the 1940-63 period. They maintained French presence, build local infrastructure and died in fights in one of the most remote and dangerous areas of the world, in the Sahara of Africa.

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Foreign Legion Saharan Motorized Companies:



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