4e RE: 98th Anniversary in 2018

On November 16, 2018, the 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE) celebrated the 98th anniversary of the creation of the regiment and also 42 years of its implantation at Castelnaudary, southern France.

The ceremony took place at Quartier Capitaine Danjou, the military base of the regiment in Castelnaudary. General Mistral, the new head of the Foreign Legion attended the ceremony, alongside Colonel de Roffignac, the commanding officer of the 4e RE.

The current training regiment of the French Foreign Legion took over the history and traditions of the 4e REI. Nicknamed Regiment of Morocco, the unit was established in this North African country in mid-November 1920 by consolidation of then autonomous battalions of the Legion having been operating there during WWI.

Between the two world wars, the new regiment successfully participated in the Pacification of Morocco and in the less-known pacification of Syria and Lebanon, where its legionnaires proved their skills as good soldiers and also as good construction workers, within the Legion’s long tradition. During World War II, the flag of the 4e REI gained an award during the Tunisia Campaign in 1943. After the war, the regiment’s units participated in operations in Morocco, Madagascar, Indochina, Mauritania and finally in Algeria. The regiment was dissolved in late April 1964.

In late 1976, Foreign Legion training units moved from Corsica to Castelnaudary and became the Training Regiment of the Legion (RILE) in 1977. The new unit obtained the flag of the dissolved 4e REI as its new standard. In 1980, the RILE was redesignated to 4e RE.

See the final parade of 4e RE companies during the ceremony:

Posted by Hélène Thomas Daïdé on Friday, November 16, 2018


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