4e RE: 6th Company established

On November 19, a new company was established within the 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE), the training unit of the French Foreign Legion, during a ceremony in the town of Castelnaudary, where the 4e RE is stationed. The new 6th Company will be composed of around 100 French reservists. Captain Toulouse took command.

The 6th Company has inherited the lineage of the old 6th Motorized Company of the 4e REI, the famous unit serving in Morocco and Algeria 1920-64. The current 4e RE adopted the history and traditions of this regiment in 1977.

4e RE - 4 RE - Foreign Legion Etrangere - 2016 - France
Captain Toulouse (right) received the fanion of the 6th Company (November 19, 2016)
© Image credit: 4e RE/Légion étrangère

Information source: Le 4e RE a baptisé sa 6e compagnie

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